Put That Stick Away!


Judge yourself ... but compassionately.


Mark Murphy Remembered


I read about Mark Murphy's passing on Facebook the other day. I look back now and realize how blessed I was to have made his acquaintance. 


FCC: Say "Yes!" To Net Neutrality


Today, that once vibrant and independent "Main Street" is on life support. International entertainment conglomerates and LLC's, through their mergers and acquisitions, have swallowed up or bankrupted the independent network of performance venues, record labels, distributors, record stores, radio stations, concert promoters, lawyers, managers and agents. The independent musician’s only remaining life line and chance for survival is the Internet. Please do the right thing and ban the so-called "fast lanes". Say yes to Net Neutrality.



Jazz On Life Support


Has the jazz artist become so devalued that jazz festivals need to book R&B "stars" to survive? Or is the system just broke?! 




The Shoulders We Walk On


The history of African-American music is rich in lore. Born of the slave shouts, it has evolved as an expression of the African’s experience in America. It embodies the soul of Black folks from the cotton fields to the church and from the rural south to the urban centers of this country. It is the music that evolved over 3 centuries and whose indomitable spirit propelled it to an American art form now loved by millions around the world.




California King


On January 4, 2014.  At 3:07PM California Time, I sang my last note on my 5th CD. After a few seconds of silence, I heard Chris Camozzi’s voice in my headphones, “It’s a wrap bro!”





I was sitting on my living room couch watching a documentary when it hit me like a bolt of lightning. BAM! I let it roll around in my head for a few minutes.  Suddenly all kinds of ideas started flowing. This was the moment I had been waiting for!


Welcome To My Spot


Welcome to my new spot: victorfields.com. Let me begin with a special thanks to my friend, Abraham Gonzalez (Flava Generation Promotions) for this very smooth design. With its warm earth tones and improved functionality, Abe has created more than a website. Victorfields.com is now a great place for fans and music lovers to chill and hang out. Also, I would like to thank HostBaby for their superb web hosting services and their incredible staff whose help was indispensable.

So enjoy the new site! Hopefully you'll write a comment after reading this blog. I'd love to hear from you. After that, check out my BIO on the Home Page. Even though you may have been following my music for some time, you just might discover something new about me. Listen to sound samples at "Sound of the Bay". If you like what you hear, then visit my CDBaby Music Store, and add me to your music collection. 

And finally, don't forget to join my Fan Club. You'll  be getting some free stuff, advance notices and other perks exclusively for members only! Just enter your full name, email address and the city and state you live in. That way we can also let you know if I'm performing or making an appearance in your area. Ciao for now!

Yours Smoothly,